Fundamental Freedoms - The Charter of Rights and Freedoms

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Bell Fund
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THE FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOMS PROJECT is a production of 6074332 Canada Inc., in association with SailorJones Media. The project includes this Web site, a documentary and a DVD. The documentary program is available in English, French, Cantonese, Cree, German, Inuktitut, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi,and Spanish. The program is 48 minutes long.

For additional information regarding this Web site, the documentary FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOMS or the DVD contact:

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Media Contact
Geoffrey Knapper
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Broadcast Distribution
The documentary FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOMS is available to broadcasters in seven languages. The program is easily reformatted into additional languages - from Mandarin to Urdu - to suit the needs of your broadcast audience. Contact SailorJones Media for licencing, acquisition and reversioning information.

Educational Distribution
The documentary FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOMS on DVD is available for your school or library. To obtain copies in any available language, please contact SailorJones Media at the address above.