Fundamental Freedoms - The Charter of Rights and Freedoms
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Mobility Rights
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What It Means

Section 6. of the Charter gives all citizens the right to come and go from Canada. All citizens and permanent residents in Canada have the right to move to, live in, work or have businesses in any province or territory in Canada.

These rights are not absolute. For example, even with section 6, people may have to meet provincial requirements to work in some occupations. Provinces may also require people to meet residence rules to receive social services like welfare.

Section 6 rights can also be limited under section 1 of the Charter. For example, citizens can be forced to leave Canada through court proceedings to be prosecuted for crimes in another country (extradition). See the Guarantee of Rights and Freedoms section.

Lord Tweedsmuir, speech to Engineering Institute of Canada, Montreal, June 15, 1937. Canada is a country of bridges, and the bridge is one of the most beautiful human creations.
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